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    Stephanie Berton

    French teacher

    Born in France, educator and author Stéphanie Berton earned multiple degrees in literature, language, and the arts at the University of Poitiers. She has taught French language to children, adults, and special needs students both in France and the United States since 2000. In addition to her teaching, she spent two years working as a journalist for a prominent regional French news outlet and a tourism guidebook. Her bi-national background makes her uniquely qualified to offer American students an immersive approach to French language and culture, as presented in her My French Passport French-language textbook series. Berton is currently an associate professor at a Southern California community college. Follow Stéphanie on Amazon and Instagram: @stephanieberton

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“"I highly recommend M'aidez! My 8yo started speaking French in preschool while living in Europe for 5 years. She has been with M'aidez Tutoring for over a year now and has continued to develop her knowledge of French. She enjoys the class very much, conversing with other students, and playing games, all while learning French. Miss Stephanie is a wonderful teacher!" Review posted on Google Business.”

Silvia B.Silvia B.

“"So much fun! I would recommend to any level student. I’ve taken private and group lessons and enjoyed both options. Très bien!" Review posted on Google Business”

Heidi B.Heidi B.

“"Miss Stephanie is kind and patient with my 8 yr old daughter and she loves her french classes! She keeps the classes fun and interesting for all ages. I highly recommend Maidez!"”

Arianna R.Arianna R."

“"Most kind hearted teacher I've had. Her class is tough but this is a foreign language and we are in college. She is a French native which brings character to the class. There is a lot of quizzes and the exams are tough, but show up, go to tutoring and ask for help if needed she will help you! This lady is amazing and wonderful!" Review posted on Rate My Professor”

Anonymous, 101 college studentAnonymous, 101 college student

“"Best professor I've had. She really cares about her students and their success. The class is difficult but you learn a lot if your willing. I would recommend anyone serious about learning French to take her class."”

Anonymous, 102 college studentAnonymous, 102 college student